November 23-25 2018
Pforzheim, Germany

Hackathon Mixed Augmented Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence
for Industrial Design

Event Recap

Excite - Learn - Innovate

With over 50 international visionaries, developers and 3D artists traveling as far as 12 hours by bus to attend the event the event was fully booked.

At the end the 7 teams that worked non-stop through the night presented their innovative concepts and stunning tech demos ranging from using AR on a car window for entertainment, implementing a custom WebGL renderer to leveraging AI with machine learning to recognize different car models.

We couldn't be happier with the event and the results. Thank you to all attendees, our partners and the whole crew for the two amazing days.

Hosts + Partners

We are two companies blending media production, creative agency, CGI production paired with process know how and a focus on User Experience, software craftmanship and digital transformation.
Prepare to meet and share best practives with industry experts from our partners Porsche and Microsoft. Engage directly with the companies that drive innovation in digital design and create the Mixed Reality & AI revolution.
718 Boxter
911 Carrera Cabriolet
Panamera 4S